Siesta Time!

Dear Sierra,

Hi! It’s your pen pal, Carlos. I just woke up from a siesta. In Spain, siestas are times to relax or take a nap in the afternoon. They are a good tradition.

Spanish people take siestas because Spain is very hot. The temperature in Madrid is often over 40 degrees Celsius on summer afternoons! People usually don’t work during these hot afternoons.

At siesta time, some people go home. They eat a big lunch with their families. They talk and relax. If they get sleepy, they take a nap.

Spanish kids are lucky. Most schools have a siesta from 12:00 to 3:00. This gives me a long break every day.

I love taking siestas! You should visit Spain and enjoy them too.

Your pen pal,

Key words

Comprehension Questions

1. What is the main idea of this passage?

2. Why do Spanish people have siestas?

3. Spanish people usually do NOT _____ during siestas.

4. How long are the siestas at most Spanish schools?

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