Robert Schumann’s Musical Bouquet

German composer Robert Schumann was a musician during the Romantic period. He was also a romantic man. He met his wife Clara in
the mid-1800s. Robert was studying piano with Clara’s father. Clara was also a pianist. She was very beautiful. They fell in love and decided to get married. Robert wanted to give Clara a special wedding gift.

Robert wrote 26 songs for her. He named the 26 songs Myrthen. He chose this name because the myrthen flower is a symbol of love in Europe. The flower was also a symbol of Robert’s love for Clara. The songs came from 26 different famous poems about love. The melodies were all romantic.

Five days before their wedding, Robert finished Myrthen. He played it for Clara. Each song was like a flower, and the 26 songs together were
like a bouquet. It showed Robert’s deep love for his new bride. Myrthen became his most famous work.

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