African Animal Communities

Did you know that different African animals make communities? They help each other stay safe in the wild.

Ostriches have strong eyes, but they have bad ears and noses. Zebras can’t see well, but their ears and noses are strong. So, ostriches and zebras live together! The ostriches watch for danger, and the zebras smell and listen for it. That way, they both stay safe.

During droughts, olive baboons can’t find water. But African elephants can dig waterholes. They use their tusks, trunks, and feet. By doing this, the elephants help the baboons get water. The baboons help the elephants too. They scream loudly if the elephants are in danger.

These animals live together happily. What other animals help each other?

Key words

Comprehension Questions

1. What is this passage mainly about?

2. What do ostriches have?

3. African elephants help olive baboons _____.

4. What do African elephants NOT use when they dig?

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